Thursday, June 30, 2005

id vs. ego (superego?)

It's been two one is reading. I'm shocked.

It's amazing how I somehow deluded myself into thinking that I would immediately receive the following due to my contribution to the WWW:

a) 2,000 unique hits a day - I mean come on, shouldn't everyone be interested in what I have to say/type?

b) Women's underwear via either FedEx or UPS but not the USPS - I swear I thought this one was a lock. What woman wouldn't fall for me after reading my pictureless bio? Shit, I forgot. No one is reading.

c) An invitation to write monthly OpEds for either the Post, The Economist, or one of those men's magazine's where they interview strippers and sorority chicks about their favorite sexual positions - No explaination neccessary.

If anyone has any ideas about how to increase readership, please let me know. But since no one is reading this I probably shouldn't stare at my inbox awaiting a revelation. Maybe I should actually tell people I have a blog...


At 7/02/2005 11:19 PM, Blogger clm said...

i'm reading. but i'm not sending you my underwear.

At 7/06/2005 3:54 PM, Blogger clm said...

hey jason-

i found your blog while blog-surfing, my new favorite pastime. it's kind of like reality tv before it took over, but on the internet. anyhow, your title was amusing and i think there was a mention of ted leo & the 9:30 club in the post at the top. i've never been to the 9:30, but if i were in dc it'd be on the top of my places to go. all the great bands seem to make a stop there.

so, thanks for checking out my blog in return. forever in search of great music, i'll be sure to check out under the cold blue stars.


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