Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Jammin' Java

Last Thursday I went to a small concert venue in Vienna, VA called Jammin' Java to see the Pernice Brothers. Per usual, Joe and the boys put on a great show. I'm not completely sold on the new album so I was happy to hear them play a solid set of material from all four albums (plus Joe's solo acoustic encore featuring some Scud Mountain Boys tunes).

It was my first time seeing a show at Jammin' Java and I was pretty impressed with the venue. Especially since it sits in a strip mall on Maple Street in Vienna...not the hippest of locations when one thinks of a concert venue in the DC area. But it has a friendly staff, reasonable prices on beer, a solid sound system, and a very relaxed vibe inside. I'm ashamed to admit that I was especially happy to see that there were a number of tables and chairs set up in front of the stage. I must be getting old because I was more than satisfied to sit on my arse throughout the course of the show. (Now in my defense, the Pernice Brothers do play some really thoughtful pop music that doesn't require one to be on his feet "rocking out.")

However the thing that really struck me about the place was how many hot seemingly-single women were there for the show. I don't know if they were there for the band or the venue but I was pleasantly surprised to see a number of women out doing the concert thing without being dragged around by their boyfriends. So my question is this, "Where do you all hang out when you're not going to shows?"

There must be a secret location somewhere...


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