Sunday, September 03, 2006

Retail Therapy

Women often note that when they feel down or in a rut, they like to go shopping (shoes appear to be the most popular item) as it provides some form of temporary relief. I don't understand the whole shoe thing. What's the allure? How different can they be? Why does one need more than one pair of shoes for each likely life scenario (work, formal, workout, etc.)?

Of course yesterday I was bored and in need of a fun solitary activity so I went to one of my favorite places which I shoud never ever do on a whim. Because when that happens I usually end up whipping out the plastic and going home with something like yesterday's latest acquisition:
Did I need another expensive boutique effects pedal? No. Do I have something that could be "worn" for similar occasions. Yeah. Did feel awesome after I bought it, brought it home, and plugged in? Absolutely.

You can get a sense of how my "new shoes" feel, here.


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