Friday, December 29, 2006

Friday 1-Track

I have been on absolute cruise control this week and therefore had no motivation to put together an 8-Track. But that does not matter because it's almost New Year's and there is only one NYE-themed song that anyone ever need concern him/herself with.

"Pop open a bottle of bubbly, yeah. Here's to another goddamn New Year..."

Jesus, I miss this band. I really do. Anyway, this is the ultimate NYE song because it is actually about that night rather than any metaphorical themes surrounding the notion of a "new year." Plus the tune f'ing rocks and it's got one of the greatest audience shout-out-loud lines if you were seeing them at the 9:30 or especially The Cat, "Oh, I'm fine mom -- HOW'S WASHINGTON?!?!" Spend $0.99 from one of the many iTunes gift cards you received and obtain this song. Then go out and buy all of their albums. And then have a very Happy New Year.


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