Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Recap (redux)

OK, I tried posting this once but Blogger shat on me. If this gets posted twice I'm going to be bitter.

Screw it. I typed up all of this crap about the Midtown Liberty Bar Crawl in DC this past weekend but I'm too lazy to do it all over. For those of you thinking "he should save everything before he tries to post," fuck off.

The only thing important to note from The Post That Never Was is the set of Iron Man awards I handed out for those that actually made it to the end of the night (i.e. midnight). Here goes:

Charley - for somehow ending up near the National Zoo and possibly rumbling with a Barbershop Quartet

Steve-O - for keeping all of your teeth

Sean - for walking to a metro stop on the wrong line just to get as far away from the bar as quickly as possible

Michael - for not shading out when I thought you did

Honorable Mention is awarded to Sheryl for getting Justin home in one piece.


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