Monday, September 12, 2005

DC, what the hell?!?!

It's a complaint that's been made a thousand times before but it is now my turn to take a dig at the concert scene in my hometown. DC, what the hell?

On Friday night at the Black Cat I saw one of the best shows I have been to in a very long time (and I've been to a lot so I do have a bit of perspective on the subject). The Wrens put on one of those amazing shows that you just don't see very much of anymore. It had all of the elements that make for a great live performance:

material - this band really really makes great music
earnestness - without the preening self-importance (see: Bono, Sting)
energy - real raw performance energy, not the idiotic stage antics of MTV-ized pop punk bands
joy - the kind that can only come from a group of guys in their 30's who have finally "made it"

So what am I bitching about? The fact that this band put on an incredible performance to a near-packed house and 80% of the crowd stood around with their hands in their pockets quietly bobbing their heads. What the hell!?!? I'm not asking for crowd-surfing and devil signs but show some signs of life. Why is this town to cool to have a good time? Why is it unacceptable to enjoy oneself at a rock show? Who started this ridiculous trend and can I please kick him/her in the balls/cunt?

If you don't like music then don't go to shows. If you do like music but are too cool to let anyone find out, put your hand in the garbage disposal.

For anyone wishing to retort, I will be at the following shows:

Q And Not U @ The Black Cat
The Black Crowes @ 9:30 Club
Bob Mould @ 9:30 Club
Foo Fighters/Weezer @ Patriot Center
New Pornographers @ 9:30 Club

...I'll be the guy rockin' out.


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