Tuesday, November 22, 2005

New stuff

An economist friend of mine recently got me all riled up about my former field of study. Once again I have found myself diving back into my grad school texts and searching the net for intersting commentary from the economist's POV. I've added a set of lilnks in the sidebar to blogs maintained by two of my old grad school professors and another prof whose class I did not take.

Marginal Revolution and The Austrian Economists I find to be particularly fascinating because of how much I learned from these professors and the great amount of respect I have for their intellect. The one thing that all of these blogs have in common (other than the fact that each blogger teaches at GMU) is that they present economic, political, and social commentary from the view of academic economists but do so in very direct and accessible language. You do not need an economics degree in order to understand the crux of their arguments.

There's some good reading in there that may set off a light bulb or two.

Caveat: they are slanted toward a particular political-economic philosphy.


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