Monday, November 14, 2005

Could be a good Monday

Skipped work today to study for an exam. Now, why it is that I have wandered down to the lobby of the library to surf the net instead of reviewing homework problems, I don't know. Maybe I have the material down cold...let's hope so. Gotta get a B in this class if Work is gonna reimburse my tuition. I must say though, this is by far better motivation than anything I had as an undergrad.

Anyway, I'm psyched because Charles Bissell is playing a show tonight at IOTA. Who is Mr. Bissell? He is one of the singers/guitarists/songwriters from what is rapidly becoming my favorite band (of all time?), The Wrens. Yes, the same band that I have written about/obsessed over in these very pages. I have no idea what he'll be performing (his own material?, solo acoustic renditions of Wrens tunes?, ABBA covers?) and that makes it all the more exciting. This is gonna be great but I just hope I can get in the door. IOTA is a very small venue and the main act tonight, Okkervil River, has a new album out and a pretty good following. I hope I-66 isn't jammed.

So, to recap:

The Good - Charles Bissell playing tonight at IOTA
The Bad - Test this afternoon on the Cayley-Hamilton Theorem and State-Space Analysis
The Ugly - Potentially bomb the test and not get into the show tonight

...should be inetersting.


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