Friday, January 06, 2006


I love flying into National Airport. Cruising above the Potomac and looking out at the Washington Monument, tracing the reflecting pool up to the Capitol building, picking out the square roof of the Lincoln memorial as it stands at the end of the Memorial Bridge and Route 50 running over the water and into Virginia; this reminds me of why I'm happy to make the DC area my home. But it only has so much to do with the physical landmarks.

When flying into National it means that I am coming home and usually from someplace very different than where I live. For better or worse, everything about this region is who I am. The cynicism, the impatience, the rush to get nowhere, the all feels right to me. The laid back friendliness of the West Coast and the detached down-hominess of the Midwest are just a little off-putting. I like being able to to communicate in sarcasm and movie quotes and actually have random people understand whatever the hell it is I'm talking about.

I know this is rambling and pointless but I'm just happy to be back home.


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