Monday, June 19, 2006

Where did I go wrong?

I've got the 7-year itch and recently realized that I NEED to leave my job. I'm far too complacent and underchallenged which has led me to dodging work, leaving early, and spending too much time surfing the web. I want out by the end of the summer so I've started putting "feelers" out to my "professional contacts" but I first had to update my resume which I hadn't touched in a long while. Reading the Objective line I had once written was a bit of jolt especially because it is still applicable:

Objective: Obtain a position with a firm focusing on systems engineering and systems integration for space-based communication systems.

How the fuck did I end up here? I used to think that I was going to be a musician. When the realities of that career choice became apparent I threw up my hands and went to college majoring in what everyone else suggested I study; "hey, you're good at math and science. You should study engineering." Sure. Why the hell not? It's only college so I'll do this for four years and then figure out what to do with my life. Seven years out of college and I'm still doing the same thing. Whatever, it's not as if I hate my career choice. It's quite interesting at times and it ceratinly affords me the childishly material-driven lifestyle I enjoy. But it is a letdown recalling that my Humanities and Poli Sci courses were always my favorites yet I still wound up with a job that doesn't require the right-half of my brain. That's probably why I blog.

Anyway kids, today's lesson is never listen to your parents.


At 6/20/2006 10:32 AM, Blogger DCVita said...

That is exactly how I feel! That is also why I started blogging...It is not that I do not like my job but I am always longing for more. If it were up to me, I would open up one of those Kramer books type, independent bookstores, serve coffee, hire some local bands to perform, and call it a day. Only I would open one up in Santorini, Greece. At least I have my dreams.

At 6/20/2006 1:28 PM, Blogger Jason said...

It's one of those Great Ironies that we figure out what we want after we're already ensconced in something different. It's been suggested that one "just do it" when it comes to making the leap, but people don't realize that there are many positive aspects to the current situation - it's just more fun to bitch about the negative ones.


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