Thursday, July 20, 2006

(B)ull (S)hit, (M)ore (S)hit, (P)iled (h)igher (D)eeper

Let's not break an arm patting ourselves on the back, but it appears that Arlington is the best educated city in America. Which is an especially noteable feat since we're actually a county conataining no incorporated districts so I guess we're more like a pseudo-city. Yeah, that works. The pseudo-city of Arlington.

The yardstick for "best educated city" is the percentage of residents who hold an advanced/graduate degree so I would like to congratulate myself for doing my part to elevate the status of our little 'burg. Of course none of this means anything because I have encountered so many Arlingtonians with so very little class it makes me wonder what 7, 8, or 9 years of higher education is actually teaching people. It would be nice if the concept of a "classical education" were brought back into the mainstream. But I digress.

What's most interesting about this useless little statistic is that it means I am living in the zipcode best suited to servicing my fetish for intelligent, hyper-educated women in attractive eyewear. Score.


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