Monday, July 11, 2005

Wedding Bells Rung

Well, cross another one off the list. This past Saturdaay my buddy Greg got married. Not much of a surprise since this one has been a long time coming but it's always a little strange when you start tallying up those that have left and the rest that are left behind. was hard to imagine all of this when everyone started hanging out over 15 years ago.

The weekend was a blast. EVERYONE who mattered was there and the groom had the brilliant idea of renting a number of condos at the resort for everyone to rage at 24-7. I tapped out at a "decent" hour each night but with the windows open I heard several people howling well after the sun had come up. Good to see everyone. Great having an open bar.

The odds aren't in yet, but it's not too soon to start making bets on who's next. The lottery picks are as follows:

(Eric and Michelle don't qualify since that train has already pulled out of the station.)

I think the smart money is on Bubba/Shannon but Jason/Debbie may throw in an early curve ball. We'll see what happens.


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