Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Pop Therapy

Last night I acheived closure. Pretty cool, huh? In fact, I was so proud of this little emotional milestone that I texted a friend telling him so just moments after the revelation occurred. His response was that it's good when one can be "all adult and shit." Indeed. It was an adult-like moment which means I must be coming around. Of course I shouldn't get too far ahead of myself. The one time I recall my friend using the term "closure" was in reference to the death of his estranged biological father. (Real Life) I, on the other hand, used it to detail the conclusion of an unsustainable fling/infatuation the ultimate significance of which may be that it provides fodder for a future Nick Hornby rip-off. (Not So Real Life) This probably goes a long way in explaining why he is making wedding plans and I am planning on going to Best Buy today to purchase the recent reissue of a marginal Dinosaur Jr album.


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