Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Pretty Girls Make Graves

I went to see PGMG at the Black Cat last night and would rate the show as a B-/B. A lot of energy on the band's part but sonically something just seemed to be missing at times. It could have been the mix as I find the Cat to be spotty at times when it comes to sound. (But I still love seeing shows there.)

I was feeling very old man-ish last night because I was tired and really had to motivate myself to get out the door and get downtown. I vastly underestimated the start time and got there way too early as the band didn't come on until 11pm. (As a rule, I generally skip out on opening acts although I did happen to catch this potty-mouthed indie chick, who looked and sounded like she was all of 15, do a weirdly interesting cover of Chris Isaac's Wicked Game. It was like seeing Nabokov's Lolita perform the Marilyn Monroe version of Happy Birthday.) Compounded by the fact that everyone in the crowd, save for an old friend I ran into, looked liked they were in high school, I felt very tired at 11:45pm and split.

I probably would have stuck it out but the set was starting to bleed together. PGMG is a cool band but not all of their songs are very...distinctive. Anyway, I need to get used to aging much much faster than the crowds at the shows I go to.


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