Monday, July 03, 2006

Tee Time

Well, the Babs Invitational is only a few hours away. For the uninitiated, the Babs is a golf tournament started by some friends many many years ago in honor of nothing. The object of the tournament is to not black out before the 18th hole and maybe play a little golf along the way. I have never participated in the past (in large part because I don't really play golf) but today my cherry will be popped. Like some new fish, the veterans are trying to terrify me with stories of unconsciousness, debauchery, and criminaly activity in years past. Greeeaaaat.

This year marks a special occasion for the Babs as it conincides with the Midtown Liberty Bar Crawl. The organizing geniuses have therefore decreed that the Babs will be followed up by full-on participation in said bar crawl. This is absolutely ridiculous. I'm 9 months away from turning 30 and today have decided to take off from work in order to traindodge a serious case of alcohol poisoning. Maybe that's why, much to my family's uncomprehending dismay, I'm still single?

Although, me thinks [me] doth protest too much. I am looking forward to a little childish reckless abandon. The longer I can hold on to my fleeting youth, the better. See you on the links.


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