Wednesday, June 21, 2006


It's many months away and I'm still just getting settled into summer, but this fall is starting to shape up nicely on the music front. The Built To Spill tour which was cancelled this spring has been rescheduled and the boys will be playing two nights at the 9:30 Club on 10/9 and 10/10. As an added bonus, Camper Van Beethoven will be opening on the tour which should make for a very cool double-bill. Since reuniting it seems that the ertswhile pseudo-alternative forefathers (well, more like fore-older brothers) have found a new gig as the opener for "established" indie rock acts. The last time CVB was in town they were opening for Modest Mouse at DAR (a surprisingly good show) and this time around they are supporting Doug Martsch and company. Not a bad gig. I always look forward to a good BTS show but I'm extra excited that CVB is going to be there because the last time they played the 9:30 Club not only did they cover a good chunk of their old material but they also performed a fantastic honky-tonk version of "White Riot" in honor of Joe Strummer's passing. That's one of those live music experiences that you never forget.

(As an interesting/coincidental aside, the last time I saw BTS was a two-night stand at the 9:30 and at both shows they played "White Man in Hammersmith Palais." This was many months after the CVB show but I like to think that was also in honor of Joe. Ahh, the circle of indie rock...)

Anyway, the other big news in October is that the Wrens are going back out on the road and will be returning to the Black Cat on 10/28. Now I have pimped this band many times before but I truly believe that they are one of the finest bands making music today. These guys have seriously paid their dues, released an album that, for me, will be an all-time classic (The Meadowlands), and they put on an incredibly powerful live show. I think they are the epitome of what a bunch of guys with guitars are wildly capable of. For a taste of what I'm talking about, check out their great tune, "Everyone Chooses Sides."

I sort of reviewed a couple of their previous shows which you can read here and here. Do you yourself a favor, if you really dig good rock music go check these guys out. It's so worth it.


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