Friday, January 27, 2006

Shut the hell up

Here's an amusing headline from - "Pink Gets Political"

Who the hell cares? I love music but I could care less what artists (and no, Ms. Pink is not an artist!) have to say regarding politics and economics. Many of them live in a bubble of ideals without pragmatism and are only capable of spouting off about things they see as bad without any understanding as to where these problems come free, what is really at the root of these issues, and how best to address them. Instead they preach ingnorantly from their hollow pulpits and tell the world how it should be feeling.

I'm tempted to go into a very long screed about the virtues of free markets and globalization but I'll only end up misrepresnting these topics and sounding like an idiot in the end. So I will instead leave you with this open statement to Bono, the Coldplay guy, Pink, Bruce Springsteen, Kanye and anyone else who is egomaniacal enough to think that they are a voice for the masses:

Shut the fuck up and make a record. The public does not need your blurry idiotically causal interpretations of the things that real people face in the real world each day. There are journalists, writers, academics, aid workers, government officials, social advocates, concerned citizens, and more who deal with society's problems in a very real, dedicated, and involved manner every single day. It cheapens their efforts when detached and ridiculously wealthy solopsists who earn millions sucking at the teet of some of the world's largest corporations purport to be the spokespersons for citizenry in need.

Whew. Having now gotten my morning "hate" out of my system, I will rather hypocritically leave you with the words of one of my favorite artists (who on occasion is guilty of the very thing against which I am railing):

Some are dying for a cause, but that don't make it yours.


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