Tuesday, February 21, 2006


In an attempt to maintain what little hipster/indie cred I have I thought I should post something about new music since it's been a while.

I recently picked up the latest album by New Radiant Storm King (which just so happens to be on the "What's Spinning" list to your right) which features one Peyton Pinkerton who's day job is playing guitar for Joe Pernice in the Pernice Brothers. I originally looked into NRSK because I am always impressed with Peyton's guitar work, especially live. Peyton has a much more experimental/out-there playing style than one would expect right away after listening to a few Pernice Brothers albums, but the signs are there and NRSK work is cool because at times Peyton will really take off. The two of their several albums that I own are Hurricane Necklace and the latest, The Steady Hand.

The band, which has been around for a while, garners frequent comparisons to My Bloody Valentine and the first track on TSH shows why. It's a brief instrumental number that nicely segues into more "pop" material with some cool flourishes all throughout. Not a "great" album but it is growing on me since I am a gear slut and love all of those funky sounds Peyton wrangles out.

Moving on though, the real reason I mention the album is because along with it I received a CD sampler of several other bands on their label, No Karma. To be honest, I usually pitch these because they are often filled with a lot of crap but I've been spinning this at work for the last couple of days and plan on checking out a few of the bands:

La Pieta
New Sense
El Oso

New music rules.


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