Tuesday, February 14, 2006


No matter how many times you play out a conversation in your head, it never sounds the same out in the real world. Maybe some questions are better left unasked until after Valentine's Day.

If an economist were to critically analyze today's Hallmark Holiday, he would recognize all of the sad internal crap that single people are forced to confront one day a year as an externality. That is, an unintended consequence (often a negative side-effect) as a result of trade. Now if you view V-Day in terms of cartoon cupids and Hershey's Kisses there is a very sweet and innocent facade. I mean, what could be bad about a day when people are encouraged to express their inner-most (positive) feelings for their loved ones. Certainly there is no malicious intent behind the holiday. However if you examine the externalities associated with this event, it's almost like there is a terrible monster lying in wait.

It struck me that in terms of imagery, V-Day is similar to Frankenstein's monster throwing the little girl into the pond or Lennie strangling bunny rabbits in Of Mice and Men. These innocent and naive creatures are so unaware of not only their own strength but their ability to wreak havoc on others

So it seems from now on my subconscious will be associating Feb. 14th with Shelley and Steinbeck. Weird.


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