Friday, February 10, 2006

Goodbye, So Long, and Farewell.

Tonight is the night when Arrested Development airs for the last time. Fox in its infinite wisdom has decided to broadcast the final 4 episodes (after choosing to not option the back-9 of the third season) in a row tonight. Against the Olympics Opening Ceremony. With no advertisement whatsoever. What a tribute. But I guess we should be thankful we get to see them at all.

Only time will tell but I contend that this show could one day be viewed as the finest sitcom in television history. Yes, possibly even besting Seinfeld (the reigning champ) and Cheers (the sentimental favorite). I don't blame Fox for cancelling the show because it is the right business move. The ratings are aenemic and most people who are aware of the show either don't get it or downright hate it. Either way it was time to go. But I am disappointed in the way that Fox treated this Emmy-winning masterpiece in its last days. Stretching out a mere 13 episodes from October to February with no hint as to when they would be aired seems unfair and ridiculous. At least show a little advertising love and let the people who watch the show (read: love and adore the show) where to find it.

In the end however what's done is done. With that I bid the Bluth family goodbye, so long, and farewell. I look forward to watching you endlessly on DVD.

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