Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Dangerous Times

Inspired by an article I read today I'm going to make a very broad and sweeping assessment of what I think people of a certain ideological proclivity fear most about our country today. Here goes:
  1. Gayness. Anything gay. Gay movies, gay fashion, gay people, gay marriage, dog shows, whatever.
  2. Illegal immigration. (Pretty cut and dry.)
  3. Not Christian-y enough.

Now I must admit that I don't have any polling data to substantiate the order of these items (or even their presence on this list in the first place) but I think this is a pretty accurate interpretation based on the media info I digest daily. So based on this list, if these are the problems that plague us most I ask you this question, Is this such a big deal?

Seriously. If we do indeed live in a world where the most significant social ills involve personal lifestyle choices, people wishing to provide affordable labor to the market, and citizens excercising their individual liberty then I would say that we're doing alright. Hell, I'd say we're doing damn fine. Just imagine such a place...


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