Friday, February 24, 2006

I hate Peter Angelos/I hate Comcast

The Nats TV schedule for this coming season has been announced. WDCA 20, the one channel I can watch Nats games on because Comcast is my cable provider, will be airing 36 games. 36. 36 out of 162. If you whip out your calculator that works out to a shade over 22%. Where I went to school those kind of marks garnered you an F.

On the other hand, Peter Angelos's MASN network will be airing 154 games. But I can't watch those games because Comcast refuses to carry the network due to an ongoing legal dispute with Angelos regarding broadcasting rights to Angelos's Orioles. I don't know who I hate more; Comcast for not giving in and just taking the broadcast deal that Angelos is offering, Angelos for being such a bastard that he extorted his way into controlling the Nats' broadcast rights, or Major League Baseball for being such pussies that they let Angelos get away with it.

The fact remains that Angelos has been squatting in the DC market for years. While he thinks that the return of baseball to the District will hurt his franchise in Baltimore (which it will), he's been making an unrealistic killing due to the disappearance of a legitimate mid-atlantic rival. Well that's over and somebody needs to stand up to him. How does MLB expect to find a serious buyer for the Nats when there is hardly any TV money on the table. Dammit!!

In the meatime I will have to get my basbeall fix (when not going to RFK for about 30 games this season) by watching the Cubs on WGN and the Braves on TBS.


At 1/26/2007 7:10 AM, Blogger Forsaken_Phoenix said...

I've been working with ComCast for over a year now. I work in a call center. When your pissed off, and nothing's working, i'm the guy who gets the brunt of it. The service you recieve from any given agent is like a doctor. They may word things differently, may have interpreted policy differently (we ARE human) and may have more working experience than others, but we do the best we can. Unfortunalty we don't have individual extentsions (or else i'd give you mine).
Try to kind of see things from our side. Of the 50+ calls you take in any given shift, 40 of which are incredibly pissed off, and occasionally ignorant, are itching to rip your head off. So unfortunately, if you call toward the end of any given shift, we may not be in the best of moods, but we do our job. Which is exactly what it is.
And last of all, its a free call. Which is why its sometimes a long wait to get through. In front of you is a grandmother who bought her first pc, wants to know how to work her email, but can't exactly see the monitor, and panics over everything. We are patient. We try to be thorough. And if its not a Comcast product, we can't help you. Internet problems? Unplug mdm for 20 seconds, restore power. You should be good to go. I'll post basic Trouble Shooting Tactics later. Hope yaw'll enjoy it, and spread the free advice. Or wait on the phone :)


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