Friday, April 07, 2006

Feeling Guilty

Last night I could have been a better roommate. I was sitting in the living room banging away on my laptop when my roommate came home with his girlfriend. They were extremely excited as they had just gotten back from ring shopping and had a really good experience talking with their jeweler. On top of which I think they were generally amp'd up about moving closer to getting engaged and all that good stuff. So of course they wanted to tell me all about it when they got home but in retrospect, I think I was a little aloof and should have shown more genuine interest. Part of it had to do with jewelry not being at all exciting to me but for them this was about much more than a piece of jewelry and I should have recognized that. Bad move on my part.

There was one funny moment however when they both said, "Well, when it comes time for you to buy a ring you should definitely talk to this guy." This was pretty hilarious given the fact that when they got home I was composing an email to a guy about building me a custom multi-loop switch for routing my various guitar effects. Something about that activity screams single and staying that way.


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