Friday, April 14, 2006

The Players' Wives

I have noticed an interesting little social phenomenon to which I will from now on refer as The Players' Wives. Back in the day (who knows, maybe it is still in practice) baseball stadiums used to have the Players' Wives section where all the wives and girlfriends of the guys on the team could sit together. The one common bond that these women had was that their menfolk all played for the same team so there was an immediate comraderie of sorts.

I have a few circles of friends all of whom have been together for a long time. Some of us go as far back as elementary school but the main feature is that we all spent our formative years together in one way or another. Fortunately as we've gotten older we've managed to stay friends and hang out on a regular basis. One of these circles in particular (guys I've known since college) is particularly interesting because almost everyone in the group is either married or very near to it. The result is that there is a core group of fellas who have known, loved, and dealt with one another's bullshit for the longest time and each of them has a woman in his life whom he has brought into the social circle.

Now, as guys are wont to do, they'll get together to get into some kind of trouble and the ladies often come along. Making the best of things, the women have become good friends over the years thus enabling the guys to still get together and not worry about catching grief from their women (although I'm sure that still happens from time to time). What I find interesting is that the ladies, The Players' Wive, have become social for the singular reason that the men in their lives happen to be the best of friends. I know this isn't a unique phenomenon but it only seems to occur among women. I have never heard of a group of guys who have begun hanging out because their girlfriends/wives are all old friends. I wonder why this is.

I do have some theories about this but they all make me sound like a chauvinistic misogynist so I will keep them to myself.


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