Monday, April 10, 2006

What's your move?

One of the cool things about dating, and by dating I mean going out on a string of dates with the same person, is that no matter how old you get those first moments of intimacy still feel awkward and childish. I was out with some friends on Saturday night and we got to talking about when you are dating someone and it has taken a very tradional arc of the "dinner get-to-know-you date" followed by the subsequent "I actually want to spend time with this person" dates which somewhere, depending upon how good your game is, ends up at the Sex Date. The Sex Date is not merely some night when you get laid but rather it is a point in the relationship when both parties know that they are going to have the sex.

What's awkward (and cool) is that it often is this 400-pound gorilla in the room that no one wants to talk about because, well, it would be kind of tacky. So instead you both go on pretending that nothing is out of the ordinary all the while knowing that you're going to get laid. For you sports enthusiasts it is akin to not talking to your pitcher during a no-hitter. Anyway, we thought that this was a cool little dating phenomenon which ultimately led to the next topic of dicussion: What's your move?

So, you are on the Sex Date and traditionally you end up back at one of either parties' residences. What's your move? If the 400-pound gorilla is still in the room you may end up having a drink and making chit-chat before things get serious so again, what's your move? What do you do to move from making out on the couch to getting jiggy in the boudoir? A couple of anecdotes and preferences were reported and here were some of the opinions:
  • Jump the gun. One friend prefers to dispense with the charade of prudence and simply get down to busines. Don't leave any room for error so as soon as you walk in, make the STRONG move - I don't know if this one really counts because to me it seems to involve a lot of booze and stumbling through the front door already half in each others' pants. The gorilla is long dead at this point.
  • Another, predictably, went with the proposition approach. "I'm so hot for you...yadda, yadda, yadda." - I wouldn't be able to pull this one off with a straight face but I guess it works for some.
  • The above person's girlfriend thought she might like to be literally/physically swept off of her feet in this situation - A little too 'Pebbles and Bam Bam' for me.
  • The strong and silent move. Stand up, take her by the hand, and lead her into the bedroom. No babbling, no excuses, just the direct approach - This one is my preference and I'm sticking with it until something better comes along.

So what's your move?


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