Thursday, May 25, 2006

Holiday Road

20~30 assorted CD's (titles TBD)
1 case IC Light tall boys
1 case PBR
1 acoustic guitar
1 wiffle bat
24 wiffle balls
Various grillables and marinades
1 air mattress
2 books (titles TBD)

My packing list for the annual Memorial Day Weekend excursion to Lake Monticello. This is one of the best times of the year as 15+ college friends and I descend upon The Lake to do absolutley nothing. There's tubing, beach v-ball, Risk, wiffle ball, Spades, drinking, drinking, drinking, lots of eating, general merriment, and most importantly a whole lot of nothing. This ethos is best exemplified by a comment a friend made to me when upon returning from a boat outting one year he found me in the exact same position on the deck in which I had been left two hours prior: "P, I respect your dedication to leisure."

Goddamn right.


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