Monday, June 05, 2006

Kill Your Television

(Ned's Atomic Dustbin may be the worst band name ever.)

Having moved into my new place I had planned on making incremental lifestyle changes, one of which being to watch less television. I figured a good way to accomplish this was by not installing cable in my bedroom (or even putting a TV in there at all). End result? Cable gets setup on Friday and I wake up on my couch in my underwear on Saturday morning with the TV blaring. Not an auspicious start but I do think that particular incident had more to do with me starting to drink at happy hour and finishing sometime around last call. In that state I must have regressed to my previous instincts where I had to to watch at least a couple of minutes of TV when I got home. This was usually in bed since I used to keep a TV in my room but I guess I made do this weekend and instead stripped down to my boxers and slept on my new couch. Dumbass.

The Comcast contractor who installed my cable on Friday made an interesting comment when he was there. He was running late (surprise) and had four more installs to do that afternoon. When I told him I only needed the cable setup in the living room and that he wouldn't have to run cable all the way down the hall into the bedroom, this look of relief came over his face and he said "The bedroom ain't for watching TV, anyway." He then proceeded to tell me how he does installs in both DC and VA and that usually in the city, people don't get cable installed in their rooms. It's only in VA that cable gets run all over the house. He didn't elaborate any further but I wonder if he was implying that there is more fucking on one side of the Potomac vice the other.


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