Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Doctor Recommends...

If all of your friends are telling you how great it is and you want to believe them.

If you think a Les Paul plugged into a Marshall stack is a warm creamy slice of heaven.

If you thought the first two albums were OK but not melodic enough.

If you thought the first two albums were great but you just need more, more, more.

If your definition of "to rock" has grown old and stale.

If you want to be cool.

If you think you're cool but wish to prove it.

If you want people to like you superficially rather than for who you really are.

If you want an excuse to spend $13.99.

If you need another excuse to oggle the girl that works at Olsson's.

If your dog died, boyfriend/girlfriend dumped you, car broke down, cable went out and you are looking for a reason to live.

If you want to knowingly nod your head when you read Jason's Top 10 Albums of '06 post this December.

If the first 30 seconds of the "We're Not Gonna Take It" video sums up everything you want out of life.

If you want to know why you will be at the Black Cat on November 25th.

...then go out right now and pick up The Hold Steady's new album, Boys And Girls In America.


At 10/24/2006 12:35 PM, Blogger Momentary Academic said...

The doctor is right. He knows.


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