Thursday, March 01, 2007

A bit of timeliness from Lake Wobegon

As I pulled into my local beanery this morning, Garrison Keillor happened to be reading the following poem to me:
A New Lifestyle
by James Tate

People in this town drink too much
coffee. They're jumpy all the time. You
see them drinking out of their big plastic
mugs while they're driving. They cut in
front of you, they steal your parking places.
Teenagers in the cemeteries knocking over
tombstones are slurping café au lait.
Recycling men hanging onto their trucks are
sipping espresso. Dog catchers running down
the street with their nets are savoring
their cups of mocha java. The holdup man
entering a convenience store first pours
himself a nice warm cup of coffee. Down
the funeral parlor driveway a boy on a
skateboard is spilling his. They're so
serious about their coffee, it's all they
can think about, nothing else matters.
Everyone's wide awake but looks incredibly
I laughed and smirked and then paid $1.76 to have my fancy travel mug filled to the top with the daily, potent brew. This is why I am a "member" of my local NPR affiliate.


At 3/01/2007 10:40 AM, Blogger Carrie M said...

dog catchers? where does garrison live? b/c where ever THAT is, there is probably not a starbucks there. oh and my iced vanilla latte is fantastic today!

At 3/01/2007 11:54 AM, Blogger DCVita said...

I am addicted to coffee. Best by far is Murky Coffee. For some people it is the whole coffee experience...Going to the fancy coffee shop to order a 14 word drink and then waiting in line for your overpriced cup of coffee (bitter as it is) Yes, I refer to Starbucks. Can't stand the stuff.

For others such as myself, it is the coffee. I get withdrawl headaches. That is a problem I need to address.

At 3/01/2007 8:47 PM, Blogger Ryane said...

I will stoop to the Starbucks level when I must, but I gotta say, Open City Coffee pretty much rocks my world these days. Or Tryst...sigh.

At 3/02/2007 9:41 AM, Blogger Jason said...

Starbucks is the best I can get out in the sticks, and I have tried everything around here. C'est le vie.


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