Sunday, June 17, 2007

Separation Sunday

I have been sitting in the office all day, sitting on my hands. I have to be here but I don't actually have much to do. Today, this entire weekend actually, is important at work and it involves a lot of convoluted organizing with constant phone calls and running between floors of the building. There are other people here doing the actual heavy lifting, but my job is to simply hold it all together and extinguish the flames when things begin combusting spontaneously.

One the one hand it kind of sucks. Last night I was in the wedding of one of my best friends and was unable to achieve the proper level of drunkenness appropriate for the occasion. Since the wedding was outside of Philly I had to "control myself" knowing that I would be on the road by 6am to drive the three hours straight back to the office from which I departed Friday afternoon. And it is a bright sunny day which means that right now while I scratch myself under the florescent gleam of my office's drop ceiling, all of the Pretty Young Things in my building are crammed around the tiny pool putting on a show for the buff, trucker-hatted contingent of our happy little residence. Not that I sunbathe but I am sure I could have found plenty of time to ogle during the twenty or thirty necessary trips to my mailbox.

On the other hand my comrades have it far worse. They are presently grunting in front of their computer terminals while I engage in pointless typing exercises on my blog. I also sneaked out to pick up a copy of Rob Sheffield's Love Is A Mix Tape to read between bouts of web surfing. Life could be better but it could also be worse...I can't wait to go home.


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