Thursday, March 02, 2006

The food we eat

I do most of my grocery shopping at Harris Teeter and where I live in Arlington there are two Teeter's that are nearly equidistant from my house. One of them is a little farther away but is slightly more convenient because of the larger parking lot and less congested traffic patterns. The other one is a bit closer but driving in and out of there is a pain in the ass. Given those two factors alone, you would think I always shop at the less congested one. Wrong.

Indeed I do shop "convenient" one, but the hectic Teeter has something going for it as well, hotties. Lots of them. You see for some reason all of the hot twenty-something North Arlington ladies like to shop at the hectic Teeter (when they're not dropping serious coin at the Clarendon Whole Foods) and well because of that, so do I. It does make life a bit easier when you're driving home on a Monday, hungry, and realize that there is nothing edible at your house other than dried goods to know that even though you have to go to the grocery store there will at least be some eye candy. I'll usually linger there for a half-hour or so picking up groceries and taking several trips down extraneous aisles just checking out what's what. Some days are better than others but at a minimum the Teeter usually has free cookies by the front door for the kids which I eat every time. Because hey, free cookie.

Anyway, last night I was picking up some items at the hectic Teeter and I was in line behind an attractive professional-looking young lady. One of the things I've noticed during my years of Teeter shopping is that the women there all buy the same things. Sound like a broad generalization? Well it's true. This is what I saw in her cart and you tell me how far off my little theory is:
  • 8-10 yogurts
  • 2 bags of ready-made salad
  • 1 case of Diet Fresca (or some Fresca-like substance)
  • Various transparent bags of fruits
  • Individually-packaged baby carrots
  • 1 copy of either People or Us (same difference)
  • 1 jar of peanut butter

I'm telling you, on any given day you could find that shopping list in a hundred different purses in that grocery store. I'm just saying.

Now, to follow up on the yogurt thing. What's with all the yogurt? I like yogurt, in fact, I eat it for breakfast a couple times a week. But 10 yogurts among what looks like only a week's worth of groceries? I don't get it. I remember one time last year the Teeter had a special on Dannons for $0.25 per container. The refrigerated section looked like the Gobi Desert when I got there. It was completely barren. When I got to the checkout there were lines of girls with baskets and carts full of Dannon cups. I shit you not, I saw one girl dump 20 of them onto the belt. 20. I guess she likes yogurt.


At 3/06/2006 7:37 AM, Anonymous Elizabeth said...

Hot women eating yogurt and salad. I wonder what the correlation is.


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