Friday, March 03, 2006

Intellectual Property Rights of Mix-CD's

I've had yet another Hornby-esque moment. This one could get a bit touchy but I had to ask myself what is the protocol for, how do I phrase this properly, re-utilizing the fundamental content of a Mix-CD. Settle down, now. I know that there is a lot of emotional effort/baggage that can go into creating the right playlist but let me explain myself first before anyone accuses me of something heinous.

Not too long I was asked by someone I was seeing at the time to introduce her to some new music. Being the complete tool that I am I said no problem and offered to make a sampler of sorts. This seemed like a worthwhile endeavor because a) I enjoy feeling superior to others when it comes to my musical taste and knowledge and b) in the back of my pathetic mind I was thinking it might be an opportunity for me to display my "excellence" - see: Tao of Steve - and further lure in the object of my affections. I certainly was not going to compile one of those creepy overly-revealing mixes that should never see the light of day but it still would have been a custom effort tailored to a specific individual's interests. You know, thoughtful.

Anyway, for the usual pedistrian and sadly common reasons things did not work out and I am left with the germ of a really good mix. So would it be tacky to use this unblossomed seed of a playlist down the road. Please be aware that no tracklist was specifically created. In fact there aren't even any songs yet for said mix. All I have is a list of bands in my head that I thought would make for a good introduction into the specific twists and turns of my music library. Nothing more than that. But the more I think about, it could potentially grow into a pretty kick-ass disc. Should I just throw away that idea? Remember, it's just an idea. No end-product was ever customeized for a speciifc gal.

I'm thinking that maaaaybe it wouldn't be so bad if at some point in the future I pulled a playlist out of the list of bands I already have in mind. That's not so bad, right?


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