Monday, August 21, 2006

Sunshine and Daydream

Parting is such sweet sorrow, especially when it is time to come home from vacation. While the return almost always sucks it is definitely worth the postpartum depression if only to get away for a few days. One of the interesting aspect about vacationing with friends (especially when it's a large number of people packed into a beach house) is that everyone's collective age/maturity tends to devolve a good bit. Some of the highlights from my brief vacay all involve us acting younger than our ~30 years.


Dinner last Wednesday night will forever go down as one of the best meals I have ever eaten. To be sure the food was delicious, fresh, and well prepared but it was the beverage choice that brought it all together. The simple fact that this new and chic "Asian fusion" restaurant we tried out -- on a whim -- happened to offer a 40 of Schlitz on the beverage list made the place, in my mind, one of the top eateries in all of the Outer Banks. Friends let me tell you that nothing complements a nice serving of mahi mahi like malt liquor. Our fellow patrons could not believe that three of us were chuggin 40's at our table. I was going to have it decanted but decided that it was much classier to drink from the bottle. Excellent.


Outdoor nakedness is quite refreshing. If my apartment building could somehow accommodate an outdoor shower I might use it throughout the summer months. There's something about taking a bath outdoors... Of course that is wildly trumped by moonlight ocean skinny-dipping which is one of the best feeling when you have a belly full of good food and malt liquor. (Shocker that at all went down on the same night.) What started as a midnight stealth mission onto one of the private beaches -- with plenty of "shushing" and giggling as we trepassed upon the neighbors' properties -- ended up with a lot of people fumbling through the dark in search opf discarded clothing. I'd like to thank Brett for initiating the fun and one of our female houseguests for turning to me and saying. "Awesome. Hold my suit." It's a good thing I eat a lot of carrots.

Myth Busting

What do you do when you're bored in the middle of the afternoon? Get on the internet and research how to make soda geysers with Mentos and Diet Coke. Does it work? Abso-fuckin'-lutely. Is it worth trying at home? Abso-fuckin'-lutely. Just make sure you know who's soda you're using. "Thanks for wasting all the Diet Coke!"


At 8/21/2006 3:31 PM, Blogger DCVita said...

Haha! You drank a 40 in an asian fusion restuarant?! That is definately unique. I am glad you had a good time! Still totally jealous though ;)

At 8/21/2006 4:07 PM, Blogger Ryane said...

Yeah, the Schlitz 40's is a good joke, as is the Mento's volcanos...
hahahah. I would like to make one of those on my co-workers desk, just to see the look on her face. hahahaha.

That was a good list for beach music--especially Tangerine.

At 8/23/2006 8:02 AM, Blogger Jason said...

It was on the menu! It had to be done but I like to think that we did it with the maximum amount of class possible in that situation.

The Mentos thing is for real and instantaneous.

Tangerine, tangerine. Living reflection from a dream...


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