Monday, October 02, 2006

High Holiday

In honor of Yom Kippur I shall confess a few of my sins. While the Jews repent for their wrongdoings, Catholics merely blurt them out figuring that is good enough, lapsed Catholics simply eschew atonement, and the hardcore apostates use the whole process for blogging material. Here goes:
  • I really liked The Devil Wears Prada
  • I look up big words and then use them as if they are a part of my everday lexicon (I actually know that one, honest)
  • I cheated off an 8-year-old piano prodigy while taking a music theory exam when I was 17
  • I own and regularly watch more than one Meg Ryan movie
  • I have kicked a dog
  • I have taken food from a toddler because his snacks were better
  • I think that I am smarter than almost every person I speak to
  • I have lied in order to make a post-one night stand getaway
  • I have a hetero man-crush on Hugh Grant
  • I will forgive all manner of sins committed by a beautiful woman
  • I work out blog material in casual conversations with friends
  • I will slip "my band" into any conversation with a woman
  • I have peed in the shower
  • I sniff dirty laundry to determine its wearability
  • I own a Speedo


At 10/02/2006 11:59 AM, Blogger Jawn said...

You own a Speedo?! There are not enough Hail Marys for you my friend. Godspeedo.

At 10/02/2006 12:24 PM, Blogger Jason said...

Its use is far more discrete than it seems; one would never see me in said Speedo but that does not alter the fact that I do indeed own a Speedo.

At 10/02/2006 12:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

do you check your yahoo account?

At 10/02/2006 2:14 PM, Blogger Jason said...

Rarely. I'll take that as a hint.

At 10/02/2006 10:30 PM, Blogger Ana said...

As long as you don't own You've Got Mail, everything can be forgiven.

At 10/02/2006 10:37 PM, Blogger Dara said...

I wish the real Yom Kippur was this easy. I had to go apologize to God for all sorts of stuff over the past 24 hours.

Who knew that scoffing and mocking were sins? Now I'm going to have to rethink my whole life philosophy.

At 10/03/2006 7:55 AM, Blogger Jason said...

[sigh] I can't help myself. I know the movie is terrible. The entire premise is a one large hypocritical contradiction but...I'm too ashamed to go on.

I feel for you Dara however while I had Confirmation, you and the Tribe got Bar/Bat Mitzvah. I got a Sony Sports Walkman while Mitzvah'ers cleaned up. Karma, baby.

At 10/03/2006 12:40 PM, Anonymous DCVita said...

Shamefully, I actually like "You've Got Mail."

At 10/03/2006 1:49 PM, Blogger Jason said...

I'm a sucker for it too. Damn you, Meg Ryan.

At 10/04/2006 5:48 PM, Blogger Irish Red said...

Forgive me father, for I have sinned...

I forgot to feed my cat one day last week;
I love American Idol;
I know all the words to the Wizard of Oz and Gone with the Wind;
I sing in the shower;
I am domestically challenged;
I adore brittney spears (or pre-Kfed at least);
I can't live without yellow jellybeans

At 10/05/2006 12:47 PM, Blogger Ana said...

If it weren't for the way they read their emails out loud while they typed them, I think I would be okay with the movie. It just drives me crazy.


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