Friday, September 22, 2006

Friday 8-Track

Today's mix is all throwback to my Classic Rock youth. Sometime shortly after my early Zeppelin period, I became convinced that any music created after the death of John Bonham would forever be lacking (save for most of the AC/DC ouevre and of course 1984). So 105.9 WCXR, this one's for you.

Badfinger - "No Matter What" - No Dice

A great, great pop song. I wish I could write like that.

The Band - "The Weight" - Music From Big Pink

Truly a band in every sense of the word, the interaction of voices, instruments, and influences on this album is wonderfully organic. All in all a pretty simple song but the harmonies at the end of every chorus just kill me.

The Cars - "My Best Friend's Girl" - The Cars

Elliot Easton is a pretty underrated, or perhaps under-heralded, guitar player. This song is a nice display of how verstaile a player he is from the boogie riff in the chorus, to the chick-picking after the chorus, all the way up to that guitar solo that seems to come out of left field. What a fun band.

David Bowie - "Ziggy Stardust" - The Rise & Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars

Mick Ronson added some serious balls to Bowie's androgynous flair on this album. Another slightly under-the-radar guitarist, he definitely brings it espicially on the semi-title track. Some heavy riffing neatly complements the angry lryical breaks; "Making love with his ego, Ziggy sucked up into his mind. Like a leper Messiah. When the kids had killed the man, I had to break up the band."

Led Zeppelin - "The Song Remains The Same" - Houses of the Holy

At 17, seeing the Page and Plant tour at the Cap Center was the closest thing to Enlightenment I thought I might ever acheive. When they broke into this, possibly my all-time favorite Zep tune, I just about lost it. Right from the opening riff, through the booming shuffle beat, this song takes off like a runaway train. These albums, in my bedroom, is how I learned to rock before ever picking up an instrument.

The Outlaws - "Green Grass & High Tides" - Outlaws

Essentially the other "Free Bird," I like this one better. A Southern Rock magnum opus, this song has all of the necessary components -- 10 minutes of guitar wankery. I love it.

Sugarloaf - "Green-Eyed Lady" - Sugarloaf

A strange tune with a really cool bass groove. It does get old after a bit but then again, what doesn't?

The Kingsmen - "Louie, Louie" - The Kingsmen in Person

Yes, everyone has heard this song a million times. Yes, everyone could mumble through the unintelligble lyrics in their sleep. And yes, this seems like a really dumb and obvious choice. I however encourage you to go back and really listen to this record. The sheer trashiness of the drums, the unabashedly live and spontaneous element of the recording, and the absolute reckless abandon of their playing is exhilirating. This song will never, ever, ever get old.


At 9/22/2006 9:50 AM, Anonymous Ryane said...

oh we miss thee.

I think good additions would be:

"Fly by Night" Rush

"Let Me Take You Home Tonight" Boston

"Cinnamon Girl" Neil Young

"Showbiz Kids" Steely Dan

At 9/22/2006 11:02 AM, Blogger Jawn said...

I forget at what point it is during the song, but if you listen real close to "Louie, Louie", you can actually hear the drummer yell "F*ck!!!" as he loses one of his drumsticks.

You should check out The Sonics version of that song sometime.

At 9/22/2006 11:41 AM, Blogger Jason said...

I would have included the entirety of 2112, but I have shamed myself enough for one week.


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