Thursday, March 08, 2007

Coincidence? I think not.

Is Wikipedia not the coolest thing ever? It must be. Anyway, a nod to Hey Pretty on this one as I Wikipedia'd my impending birthday to see what people and events share the anniversary of my living greatness. Here are some that I find to be particularly poignant:

1279 - A Mongolian victory in the Battle of Yamen ends the Song Dynasty in China

Sweet, the Mongol hordes. I like the idea of a somewhat id-driven martial culture toppling it's more high-falootin' neighbor to the east. It gibes with my self-notion of being an iconoclast.

1687 - Explorer Robert Cavelier de La Salle, searching for the mouth of the Mississippi River, is murdered by his own men

This one made the list only because it immediately made me think of Greg Neidermeyer.

1915 - Pluto is photographed for the first time but not recognized as a planet

How little things have changed...

1962 - Bob Dylan releases his first, self-titled album

Why couldn't it have been Blonde on Blonde?

1848 - Wyatt Earp (b.)

Oh hell yeah. Tombstone is one of the greatest movies. Ever. "You called down the thunder, well you got it."

1906 - Adolf Eichman (b.)

It's good to have a little bit of shame tied to your birth date. It keeps a man humble.

1928 - Patrick McGoohan (b.)

This absolutely explains those white balloons that have been chasing me around. Just call me Number 6. "Be seeing you."

1955 - Bruce Willis (b.)

I was watching Die Hard and the brilliance that is Alan Rickman the other day, and I shed a little tear when I hit the "info" button to see what year it was in which the film was released. I cannot believe that movie is almost 20 years old. "Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker."

1943 - Fran Nitti (d.)

...because I'm a badass.

1982 - Randy Rhoads (d.)

...because I'm a badass.

2005 - John De Lorean (d.)

...because I gotta get back in time.

I will drink a draught for each of you on our special day.


At 3/08/2007 11:11 AM, Blogger Carrie M said...

you have a knack for getting songs into my head. and today it's huey lewis and the news.

so when is the big day? do men place significance on 30 like women do?

At 3/08/2007 11:46 AM, Blogger Ryane said...

that's a kick-ass list: Esp the Tombstone reference (I'm your Huckleberry) and...


Randy Rhodes...sniffsniffsniff. One of the baddest of all badasses..

At 3/08/2007 12:40 PM, Blogger Momentary Academic said...

Tombstone is a good movie. Happy Birthday, Hipster.

At 3/08/2007 1:25 PM, Blogger Jason said...

Not quite my birfday yet. I have about a week-and-a-half left to enjoy my 20's.

I thinkg guys sweat the whole 30 thing, but on average, much less than women do. Our biological clocks much much quieter in their tic'ing.

"Flying high again..."

At 3/08/2007 9:17 PM, Blogger Hey Pretty said...

I'm a Blood on the Tracks Girl myself. Glad you got a kick out of it.

So back to your whole Jepordy thing--have you been watching the 5th grader show?

At 3/09/2007 10:44 AM, Blogger Jason said...

I don't even know what channel it is on, but I want to check it out. That would be awesome if I could just pummel these little bastards with my turgid intellect.

And speaking of Jeopardy, I thought last nigth was kind of easy relative to the last couple of weeks. I'm beginning to believe I can succeed again.

At 3/09/2007 11:35 AM, Blogger Hey Pretty said...

It's on Fox. I tried watching it last night but it was sort of pissing me off so I had to turn it off.


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